I am here to help small cafe business owners with their marketing strategies.

By utilizing my expertise in the digital world, I make sure your business is in front of the eyes of the people you want to attract. With everything from Social Media Ad Campaigns to complete Web Design, Everything Builds Digital Marketing has you covered.


Everything Builds is a digital marketing agency with a difference. Our number one priority is ensuring your business will stand out from the crowded marketplace. By dedicating ourselves to small and local businesses we offer bespoke, innovative digital marketing solutions, without the ridiculous price tags.

We want to celebrate the wins we create with you. We are not an over promising ‘salesy’ marketing company. Our business model is to first understand your needs then work in partnership with you to grow your business together.  

We keep things simple, direct and efficient with our tried and proven systems so we can maximize results with less moving parts.

✓ We will connect you to new and repeating customers/clients

✓ We will efficiently get your business in front of the right people at the right time

✓ We are not over promising bullsh!tters 

✓ Your wins are our wins

​✓ We follow the cutting edge of trends and technology

Hey! I’m Paulo, founder of Everything Builds.

I’m a former teacher turned customer success advocate, WordPress ninja, and digital marketing expert who loves nothing more than working within the ambiance of a cafe with beautiful art, unique decor, and a bustling community.

Not to mention enjoying a mean cup of house coffee or bubble milk tea.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any small business.  Luckily for you this is what we have mastered and we love to hear our clients happy with all the new and repeating business.  We use our expertise across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook and email marketing to get your business in front of the people who are looking for it.  

Social Media Ads

Let’s face it, Facebook is doing its best to take over the world.  You cannot afford to miss out on the revolution of online marketing by neglecting this ultra powerful platform.  We have extensive knowledge of the complex targeting and psychology that goes into creating successful Facebook ads.  We will have new customers flowing in the door in no time.

Google Adwords

Even with the rise of social media advertising,  Google remains the single most important and powerful platform to advertise your business.  If someone is searching for your service in your area,  you WANT to be the business that comes up and looks the most appealing with authority. 


Imagine having your own little assistant by your side that never sleeps or needs a break.  Within Facebook messenger we can build your very own custom Chatbot to help introduce people to your business in a personable way while you can concentrate on building your business.  Think introduction, explaining your service options, location, opening hours. You can even take bookings all automated. While chatbots are still relatively new on the scene, they can be very powerful for lead acquisition and there is new tech coming out all the time on the chatbot front.  Talk to us about the possibility of chatbots if we haven’t brought up the subject already!

Targeting & Retargeting

Never before has there been such powerful behavioral targeting capabilities as what there is now.  Facebook have been collecting our data for years and this is exactly how we can reach people with laser precision.  We can also control exactly where your business will show up if someone is searching for you in your local area on Google. Once people have had any kind of contact with your business we can then Retarget them in even more efficient campaigns. 

Campaign Design

Different businesses have different needs. We approach everyone with a clean slate and look at each business objectively.  We will listen carefully to your needs and where you’re at with your business.  Once we have a solid understanding we will create a custom campaign specifically for your business so we can maximize results with minimum ad spend.

Additional Services

Growth Strategy

Landing Page Design

Video Production

Traffic Analysis


Funnel Design

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